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Welcome to Reentry Roads

End the Cycle

​Our goal is "family reunification" by placing focus on the needs of the children that have experienced a loss of a parent due to incarceration. 

To give the incarcerated or returning parent tools to assist in building confidence, restoring credibility with their children and hope for a better future by becoming involved and assisting in their educational needs. 

Through the partnership with Workbay and our data driven content, we are actively building programs that will carve out the road reducing recidivism and reducing the potential for justice involved children of incarcerated parents.

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What We Offer

We have developed a comprehensive, data driven on-line or off-line curriculum through our Partner at Workbay for returning citizens, absent or incarcerated parents to engage in their child's education even though they may not be home. The curriculum is designed to continue on when the parent is reunited with their child. We have also added a Roadmap for 200,000 plus incarcerated veterans to develop a American Legion Post inside the facility. These programs are going to be part of the Workbay platform that serves as a workforce readiness training program and links employers to the candidates enrolled in their training program, filling that much needed gap in the workforce. We have also assembled a team of 3 formerly incarcerated individuals with very compelling stories, they can speak in person or virtually to tell their difficult but valuable stories, you will hear advice they would give to their younger self. Between 3 speakers and 1 facilitator, there is over 100 years of Correctional experience to share.

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The Children

Improve participation in school and strengthen the parental bond

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The Parent

Participating in your child's education

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The Teacher

The team effort

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Incarcerated Veterans

Live a life of service

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Who We Are

Passionate. Experienced. Thoughtful.

As a dedicated Personal Services, Reentry Roads is devoted to the children that have suffered the trauma of losing a parent by opening up avenues to reunification. With our partner Workbay we are developing a program that will coach the incarcerated parent on maintaining the relationship, becoming involved in their child's education and improving the future for their children as well as their selves.

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An incarcerated individual in his/her cell, on their tier, all they have is time-what if they could use the tablet most already possess, they go into the Workbay app, complete a lesson, then on to a math game, science project or a spelling contest that they are completing with their child on the other end. What if they could attend a parent teacher conference while incarcerated? Yes, it's possible, that is what we are building and much more.

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All the child really needs is time

Candice Smith 
4th grade Camas County teacher that also experience an absent parent during her school years

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Reentry Roads LLC
PO Box 643
227 E Spruce Ave
Fairfield Idaho 83327


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